Samples & Ideas


At BittyWebs, we don't make your website any more complicated than it has to be. The vast majority of projects we work on can be built with sleek, user-friendly tools that will allow you more self-sufficiency to make quick, front-end edits and updates when your site is done - and remember, for any updates, including heavier-duty ones with formatting, hosting, or data, we're always here to help. If we're designing your project, you can rest assured that the finished product will contain everything you need - and nothing you don't.

What we're trying to say here is, "Our sites work." We test them out on multiple browsers and operating systems before publishing them live, and check every link, photo, and bit of text to make sure they perform how they should. We know that your web presence serves an important purpose, and want to help your site reach its full functional potential.

In case you haven't noticed, we're minimalists. Because of how our company is designed, we've got low infrastructure and administration costs, and are in turn able to pass those savings on to you. We pride ourselves on providing fairly-priced high-quality services that aren't inflated by the costs of extra perks for us. Also, they say the best advertising comes by word-of-mouth, and we live by that ideal. When we make our customers happy at a cost they can afford, marketing helps take care of itself - which means a better price for you.

For a closer look, peruse some of our sample materials, below.