About Us


Need your website made from scratch? We're on it. At BittyWebs, we approach site building from the ground up, including domain name purchasing, hosting setup, content development (such as graphics, sound, and video) and more. We can create completely customized HTML and CSS sites, or work with content management systems and templates from Joomla, WordPress, and Blogger, to develop user-friendly interfaces that can allow clients to navigate and make edits, themselves. And because we frown on copying and fret about clip art, any new content will be unique to your project - just like all the content on this one.

Have an outdated site that could use a facelift? Let us tackle it! We're happy to help our clients make a smooth transition from their old site's format to a new one. Leave the bugs and errors of an obsolete template or content management system behind and move forward with confidence - we'll make sure to back up all the necessary files from your previous site, and get everything relevant transferred to its rightful place.

Even when a website is finished, there's always more that will need to be done. You can count on BittyWebs to be there to help you make changes as your site grows and evolves. In fact, that's one of the key tenets of our business: availability. Large companies with a focus on large projects may not be able to offer the personalized customer service that we do. Because BittyWebs specializes in smaller sites for local businesses, non-profits, community groups, bands, special events, etc., we can also provide individualized attention to the organizations and individuals we serve. When your website is affiliated with us, you can rest assured that we know your goals, and can effectively represent them on the web.