Rates & Policies

Rates & Policies

BittyWebs is by nature a small company - and we're just fine with staying that way.
Sure, it'll be natural for us to grow in order to accommodate more projects, but we don't strive to take on bigger projects, because we feel that the small website niche is a vital one. Also, we want interactions with our clients to remain personal, so you will always be able to directly contact those of us working on your project. And we'll never let our company's growth get in the way of offering reasonable rates or high quality service.

Some things you should know about us:
· We offer every client an initial consultation, the first hour of which is always free.

· When you call BittyWebs, you will talk to a person. And if we're not available, you won't be leaving a message that's sent off into outer space; we always call back as soon as it's humanly possible (usually within minutes). We know what it's like to be on the other line with an automated phone menu system, so we don't use one. At BittyWebs, we're human beings.

· When you e-mail us, response time is just as fast as leaving a phone message. In either case, you will have answers to your questions in 24 hours or less - and usually much sooner than that.

· We will always be honest about our capabilities. If your project requires resources beyond those available to us, we'll tell you. BittyWebs can tackle a wide variety of multimedia assignments, but our company is not always for everyone. We won't take on anything we don't have the capacity to complete, and we'll let you know that right up front.

· We'll keep you updated on the status of your project, and if you don't like how we've done something, we'll do our best to fix it. Your project is about what your organization needs - not what web designers think you should have. We want to work with you, and find reliable solutions that make your conception of your website a reality.

· When your product is finished, you can count on us to provide responsible maintenance - and be timely about it, too.

So let's not beat around the bush.

You want to know what you'll pay for our services, and you shouldn't have to hunt and peck to find that out.

Our billing is very straightforward: time and materials; no hidden fees. To plan, build, and maintain your site, we charge a regular rate of $40 per hour, and will bill in half-hour increments (so you won't be charged a full hour's rate for a small update or a quick fix). Materials may include actual physical items that are purchased specifically for your project, digital materials, such as a template you may want to use, fees for your domain/hosting service, etc. and/or other associated digital media.

If you have a rush-turnaround project - meaning you need it completed in 48 hours or less, we will bill those requests at $65 per hour, plus materials.

Pretty clear, isn't it? If you're ready to get started, head over to our Contact Page to take the first steps.